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View from a Survivor:

Stroke Perfection

By Christopher Tobin



Sometimes, disabled people resign themselves to exist on the margins of society. But disabled people often have to will themselves into mainstream society and live just like everyone else. And soon, the perceptions (most made of myths) will, hopefully, fall a way.

I have to do things by myself -- go to the grocery store, Walgreen’s, and the Home Depot. Perhaps some employees or other shoppers have never seen a disabled person. Perhaps they will be impressed by good attitude. I don't go around saying how great life is, but one thing my disability has taught me is to be grateful for what I have.

I feel that society wants and needs to see stories of endurance. Society is obsessed with "perfection," You have to be this thin, or able to throw a football, basketball or baseball. That's some people’s idea of perfection. My idea of perfection is being happy and being comfortable with myself. It is a very satisfying feeling.


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