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by Janice Rodriguez

Spring is the season when we shed our ________! How will YOU fill-in-the-blank? I’m going to say “apathy.“ I bet you were going to say “winter weight” but the great thing about “shedding your apathy” is that it has wonderful benefits -- you could lose much more than pounds! This article is about stroke advocacy.


The first website is, the National Stroke Association. The NSA has a new campaign called “Ask Your Doctor,” to get life-saving information about stroke prevention and treatment to patients and to serve as a resource for busy health professionals. The site includes a letter and materials that you can send or give your doctor. How easy is that! You might be interested about the “Voyage of Hope.” Stroke survivor Les Bissell will start an amazing journey -- to sail around the world on a 28-foot sailboat named "HOPE” to raise awareness of stroke. Now, that is hard!


Another great website is, the American Heart Association (AHA). As you may know, the AHA and the American Stroke Association (ASA),, are connected -- you can link to the other site. You can browse the sites; both are informative. At the home pages of either site, click on “Advocacy: You Can Make a Difference” or “Advocacy: Take Action” on the LEFT of the page, which will open the same site, “Advocacy: You Can Make A Difference.” Then find the link “Take Action: Join the Network” and click. Read the information in this page, for example, “When you join, you’ll receive our Advocacy Pulse newsletter, as well as information on heart disease and stroke issues at the state and federal level.” Now click on the link called “Join the Grassroots Network” paragraph (it will be worth it - really). Fill in the information of the online form so you can join the Grassroots Network immediately. That will open a site called the Legislative Action Center. Easy, right! Browse this site -- it has so much information about advocacy that anybody should be excited. The first thing that we, as stroke survivors and caretakers, should be “pumped” about is “Tell the Senate to STOP Stroke.” When you open that link, you will have a letter to send to your own senators by e-mail -- unbelievable! So get moving! All you have to lose is your “winter blues.” Thanks and see you next month!


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