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By Barbara Layne


The Mayo Clinic is world-renowned for research and medical advances. While being treated for my strokes, it was discovered that I have a rare blood condition that apparently only a few people in the world are known to have. The Mayo Clinic was very interested in obtaining some of my blood for research and in turn, I became interested in the Mayo Clinic. I am registered at their site with My Mayo, a personal page that allows me to receive information and ask questions about conditions and diseases in which I am interested.


There is a Personal Health Scorecard, Healthy Lifestyle Planners, Disease Self-Managers, and Health Decision Guides that are specific to your own concerns. I visit the Brain and Nervous System Center for all the latest on stroke and other brain and neurological conditions. As so many stroke survivors, I am clinically depressed and I find the Depression Self-Manager to also be very helpful. Take time to visit this site and make use of all the information it contains.


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