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By Barbara Layne

May 2002




Anyone can have a stroke -- any race, religion, nationality, gender and age. Any living, breathing person can have one. For this reason, I have chosen the website: www.differentstrokes.co.uk for the month of May.


This is a site from the United Kingdom and it for young survivors of stroke. The people listed are from 9 months to 51 years old! As they say, “Different Strokes is run by younger stroke survivors for younger stroke survivors.”


You can read the survivor stories and find something that relates to you or a loved one and see what they have done. There is even a list of wonderful accomplishments. Stroke is very frustrating and it is always inspiring to learn about how other survivors are coping.


There are archived stories ranging from The Hazards of Flying to one that really hit home for me, Migraine Danger. There are sections on Employment, Book Reviews, Downloads, and even Games (to entertain your mind).


I found this to be a refreshing and inspiring website. Many of us are considered “young” stroke survivors and this should fit the bill! I know you will enjoy your visit there. I take frequent trips back there to see the new stories. The children are absolutely amazing and courageous!


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