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The Brain Coalition 

by Barbara Layne


The Brain Coalition consists of groups dedicated to reducing the disabilities and even death caused by stroke. There is a wonderful Patient Resources section, which provides information to both stroke survivors and their families and caregivers.


PATHWAYS: This section provides information on the step-by-step actions taken by healthcare professionals in caring for stroke patients once a diagnosis has been made. Pathways (also called care tracks and care maps) include a range of documents such as internal hospital forms; triage and protocol guidelines, intervention guidelines, as well as stroke care systems development and stroke team/center development.


STROKE SCALES: The five stroke scales in this section are used to evaluate a stroke patient, immediately or subsequently to experiencing an acute stroke


ORDERS: This section includes Hospital Admission Orders examples, Physician Orders, and pertinent checklists.


GUIDELINES: Stroke Guidelines are a comprehensive diagnostic tool. Guidelines are used to establish quickly whether or not a patient is experiencing an acute stroke, the stroke's range and severity, and most effective treatment. The following guidelines include many common factors. Variation between the guidelines is determined primarily by their use in research and practice specialties


COALITION INITIATIVES: Important new information about the rapid diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke is provided in this section. This includes research studies and articles from healthcare publications, as well as data, advice, guidelines, and recommendations sourced from Coalition members.


There are links in each section, which gives an incredible amount of information about each heading. Visit the coalition at


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