Website Review

By Lin Wisman

June 2002


In the May Newsletter we focused on Aphasia. A resource website, has been brought to our attention. It is the website of the Aphasia Hope Foundation whose purpose is to promote research and to provide survivors and caretakers with information on the best treatments available.


The site is not meant to provide authoritative medical advice, but rather to provide insightful tips for those who have aphasia and for their family and friends. To that end a variety of services are offered.


These include general information, an area to share your experiences, a chance to join a political advocacy network, a chat room and forums where individuals can ask questions. Many resources are available including audio recordings, titles of books and other print material, personal stories, tips for communicating from survivors, their caretakers, friends and speech professionals, and lists of treatment centers.


This website is a great place to go for information. It is also a great place to be referred to other sites and organizations that can be of help.


If you have aphasia or communicate who someone who is, be sure to visit this site


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