Stem Cell Lecture Report

By Lin Wisman


Peter K. Sidorenko, Chief Operating Officer of Stem Cell Therapy International Corp, spoke in the auditorium of The Stroke Network on Wednesday May 24, 2006. Peter explained the work of his company and entertained questions.

SCTI provides biological products for Stem Cell Therapy to facilities around the world. Stem cell therapy has been available for 70 years, but has not been widely used. Stem cells are able to transform into whatever type of cells the body needs. As the stem cells travel around the blood stream they are able to detect damaged or injured cells  The damaged cells produce an enzyme, which the stem cell are able to “home” in on. The stem cells then divide to create the needed cells.

The procedure entails both injections and transfusions. Results can be seen in five days, but will continue for a year.

The presentation took a lot of the mystery out of stem cell therapy. He explained how it works to most people’s satisfaction. Several participants later stated that they felt he was evasive during the question answer session. One problem is that format in the auditorium does not allow follow up questions. Anyone who wants to pursue this therapy would need to ask additional questions.

The procedure is available if one has the money and if they are accepted as a patient. Screening is done before the therapy. As Peter explained the condition of the patient and the severity of the stroke can be factors in efficacy. Potential patients must submit data and have it evaluated by a panel. Once accepted, SCTI can devise the exact treatment and the location of the treatment for the patient. Stem Cell therapy is not approved by the FDA and therefore is not done in the US.

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