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Vol 7, No 8
  August 2007

Happy August. They say these are the dog days of summer. It is hot and many are anticipating cool days. Hope summer is being good to you.

At my house we continue to battle with construction. There are a myriad of decisions to make. I continually remind myself that I must make a leap of faith, the end product will work.

In a way this is true as one deals with the aftermath of stroke. Whether you are a survivor, caregiver or family member you must continue to leap into the future hoping that the tide will turn. Whatever the outcome, the future that comes is the one meant to be.

Good luck to all as summer begins to wind down (or up if you are on the other side of the equator) and newness appears again.

We continue our series exploring Stroke Network web pages. This month we cover The Message Board, which is the heart of the system. Whether you are an avid Message Boar user or have never visited check out what is available.

To the left of this intro look for the In This Issue section You will see a list of all the articles in this issue. Just click the article title and you will be taken to the article intro.

Unfortunately this month no members added their bio to the collection of stroke stories. I have provided a link to the area in case you have not yet had the opportunity to browse. It is a wonderful collection of stroke stories. If you would like to add your bio please do so. If you would like help contact me. The guidelines are listed in the FAQ.

Enjoy the August newsletter!

Lin Wisman
Editor StrokeNet

Organization Highlights
Stroke Network Wheelchair Stroke Network News
By Steve Mallory

Steve announces that the web page updates are completed. If you haven't seen the changes have a look. He also draws your attention to some changes. For example, there is now a contact option which directs your questions to a specific person.

Phil Collis from the UK is the newest member of The Stroke Network staff. There are currently two openings available on The Stroke Network staff. Read about them and contact Steve if interested.

Click to Read Steve's Remarks...

Thyroplasty Surgery

To Regain a Voice
By Debbie Batjer

Following her stroke Debbie was not able to speak above a whisper. In 1997 she underwent thyroplasty surgery. This surgery made it possible for Debbie to improve her speech.

If you or someone you know has difficulty physically speaking check out this article. It is also a good testimony to the willingness to seek and try treatments not generally offered in an endeavor to increase quality of life.

Click to Read Thyroplasty Surgery...
Rediscovering Faith
Medical Problems Pile Up
By Chuck Hofvander

Chuck and his family found their faith tested. Not only did Chuck have a stroke, but they had cancer, a car accident and a degenerative disk disease show up in their lives. They found they were tested. At the strong urging of family they decided to look to their Christian tradition. It worked.

No matter what your religious tradition is (or isn't) you might find it helpful to read about the Hofvander experience.

Click to Read Rediscovering Faith...
Stroke Newsfeed Review
Newsfeed pix Stroke News in the Media
By Jean Guggenheimer

Stroke related articles reviewed this month:

Food and Stroke
Stroke Mantra
Experimental Clot Buster
Living near a Busy Highway
Road Pollution
Another Walking Aid
Jeb Magruder has Stroke

If any of these interests you, click below.

Click to Read Newsfeed Review...

Ask 007
spy image for marty A "Not-So-Serious" Advice Column
By Marty Arlen

Each month 007, aka Marty, answers reader's questions. Humor is central to responds.

This month Marty discusses caregiver stress and the worry of a new stroke.

Send your questions to

Click to Read 007...
Fuel for the Journey
Help Towards Recovery
Knowing when to Let Go
By Lin Mouat

Many stroke survivors struggle with the issue of being disabled. This month Lin discusses her journey with the term and with her physical abilities. In her case it was not a simple issue.

Points at which one describes oneself as disabled vary. When is the time to let go of the past? When is the time to build a new future?


Email recovery ideas which have worked to

Click to Read Fuel for the Journey...
Stroke Network Websites
The Stroke Network Message Board

The Message Board is the heart of the Stroke Network websites. The board has over 25 forums where you can post stroke questions. It is also way to "give back" by helping to answer questions with which you have grappled.

There are many Stroke Network members who visit the Message Board regularly.

In addition to the forums there are many other features available. These include blogs, an online store, a place to share photos, and many others. This article covers some of those areas.

Click to Read Stroke Network Message Board

Member Celebrations
Bios Pix Birthdays and Stroke Anniversaries
Compiled By Nance Fiduk

The Stroke Network congratulates all members who have celebrated a birthday or stroke anniversary this month. Click below to see the list we have on file.

Click to Read Celebrations...

Each month members' birthdays, which they have placed in their message board profile, are listed.

To add your birthday, from the home page of the Message board,, select Member Links, My Controls. On the left side of the page look for the category, Personal Profile. Select Edit Profile.

If you would like your stroke anniversary listed, send to the editor at
Be sure to include your username and the month, day and year of the stroke. If you are not the survivor, please include the survivor's first name and your relationship. For example: Bill, husband.
Member Bios
A Newsletter Feature

Bios of Stroke Network members are located in the Member Bios section of the Gallery. Most are stroke stories. There are no new bios this month. Click below to browse the inspirational stories.

Click to Read Bios...

Remember to click the photo to see the bio.

If you would like your bio featured, add to the Member Bios section of Gallery on the Messge Board or send to the editor to add for you.

In order to be featured, bios, usually stroke stories, must be 200-1000 words. You must include both your first and last name, and a picture of yourself.

Bios are not just for survivors, any member can add theirs.

Should you need to find help, the full instructions are in the Message Board FAQ. Still have questions? Contact the editor.


  StrokeNet Newsletter Staff

Lin Wisman, Editor
Marty Arlen, 007 Columnist
Debby Batjer, Contributor
Nancy Fiduk , Celebrations Monitor
Jean Guggenheimer, Newsfeed Screener
Chuck Hofvander, Contributor
Lin Mouet, Fuel for the Journey Columnist

To contact any of our staff use the email listed with their article or sent comments to the Editor and they will be forwarded.


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