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The Neuromove is designed to improve affected limbs. Their website says "The NeuroMove(tm) technique assists in teaching healthy parts of the brain after a stroke to take over lost functionality." It helps to gain lost movements in fingers, hand wrists, elbows and shoulders. It can also reduce drop foot symptom and muscle spasms. The manufacturer, Stroke Recovery Systems, Inc, claims that 90% of patients (6 months and up to 14 years post-stroke) achieved significant improvement with 4 weeks of use.


Penny Wohlford, a StrokeNet reader, has completed six months using the Neuromove. She shares with us her experience:


The Neuromove is a small-computerized device that has a screen that displays muscle activity. It indicates when the person makes the attempt to move. When they reach the threshold they get an electrical stimuli to aid the movement. It works similar to the Pavlov's dog theory. (Feeling and seeing the hand moving. Bio-feedback )


My doctor recommended using it as long as needed to get the response I want. I want to be able to open my hand to pick things up, and put them back down.


I use it only twice a day for about 20 minutes each time. The manufacturer recommends using it as many times as you can, at least four times a day. I don't like to sit that much during the day so I don't and maybe that is why it is taking longer for it to work for me.


I have seen some improvement but not as much as I would like yet. My spasticity has decreased some, but I think because of that it will take longer for the device to help me gain my objectives. I think it may work better for the person who does not have spasticity. The Neuromove is supposed to help both arm and legs gain movement and strength.


My insurance picked up 2/3rds of the cost. You do need a doctor's prescription. For more information see the manufacturer’s website


All and all I think that it is a good product, however very expensive. The bottom line here is that our recovery is very individual. It's what you are willing to put into it and how much you are willing to accept. I don't want to accept that I may not ever use my left hand again.


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