Product Review:

Automove AM800

by Chuck Reisling


The AutoMove AM800 is a medical device that works with three surface electrodes placed on a stroke survivors arm, leg or shoulder. When the person attempts to move, the AutoMove AM800 detects little electrical changes (EMG) coming from the brain to the nerves inside the muscle. It then rewards the patient with the muscle movement/contraction they attempted. After the muscle contraction the device will tell the person to rest for a while and the cycle will start over. The point where the device triggers will move so the person will have to try harder, concentrate more to get the device to reward him with the muscle movement. By repeating these brain exercises daily it is possible for a stroke survivor to relearn lost movements.


The unit was developed in 1979 in Denmark. It has been used for stroke therapy in the Far East since in 1984. It was approved specifically for stroke therapy in the US in 1997.
The AutoMove AM800 is the only medical device that has been FDA approved specifically for Stroke Rehabilitation. The AM800 has shown incredible results in several clinical studies
published in peer-reviewed journals for more than a decade. Please see the manufacturer’s site for more information. For more details please call 1(800) 845-1771 and
ask to speak to a nurse to see if you could benefit from AutoMove Therapy
I have used the AM800 since November of 1999 with amazing success. My website includes more detail of my first few months of use.

The manufacturer, Strokeaid, has agreed to a 20% discount for our readers. When you call to purchase a unit mention Stroke Network to receive 20% on the purchase price if paid in full or 20% on the down payment on a lease.


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