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StrokeNet is the monthly newsletter of The Stroke Network. This index includes links to past articles, which members may wish to access. It is not a comprehensive list of articles. If you need more help contact the editor,

At the website, there is access to all newsletters published since January 2001. They are listed in chronological order.


“Brain Attack” Excerpts, Polly Perez, May 2002

Center for Aphasia Research, Chuck Hofvander, Nov 2007

Communicating With People Who Have Aphasia, by Henning van Aswegen, May 2002

Aphasia Hope Foundation, Website Review, by Lin Wisman,

June 2002

Aphasia, general info sites, Janice Rodriguez, June 2004

Aphasia, rehabilitation sites, Janice Rodriguez, July 2004

View From a Caregiver: Caregiving Aphasia and Apraxia Style, Jean Riva, July 2005


Book Reviews:

Adamson, Kate, “Kate's Journey - Triumph Over Adversity” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Apr 2003

Bosworth, Kathleen, "Your Mother has Suffered a Slight Stroke” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jan 2003

Burkman, Kip, “The Stroke Recovery Book” reviewed by Gary Gray, March 2004

Caplan, Louis R. M.D. “Stroke” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Feb 2005

Colucci, Carla, Memory Book: A Kind Man with a Soft Heart, Nov 2007

Cuddihy, Richard, “Merry-Go-Sorry” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Feb 2002

Douglas, Kirk “Stroke of Luck” reviewed by Michael Roberts, March 2002

Greene, Valerie, Interview by Kathy Bosworth, Aug 2004

Henkel, Jacqueline Burt "All My Goodbyes" reviewed by Lin Wisman, Aug 2003

Hutton, Cleo, “After a Stroke: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier”, reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jul 2005

Hutton, Cleo, and Louis Caplan, "Striking Back At Stroke" reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jun 2003

Jennings, Shawn, “Locked In, Locked Out” reviewed by Michael Roberts, Mar 2003

Mayer, Tommye K, “One-Handed in a Two-Handed World” reviewed by Michael Roberts, Aug 2002

Meyer, Maria M Meyer andd Paula Derr, RN with Jon Caswell, “The Comfort of Home for Stroke”  reviewed by Lin Wisman, Mar 2007 

Morrison, Kit “Helpless, Not Hopeless and HANDIRhAP”  reviewed by Lin Wisman, July 2002

         Pearl, Liz "Brain Attack, The Journey Back" reviewed by Lin Wisman, Aug 2006

         Perez, Polly, “Brain Attack”, reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jan 2002

         Senelick, Richard C,M.D,  Peter W. Rossi, M.D., and Karla  Doughtery, “Living with Stroke” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Oct 2003

Solomon, Jeannette, “Tangles” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Apr 2007

Stevens, Perry, “I’d Like to Return this Gift”, reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jan 2005

         Stein, Joel MD, “Stroke and the Family” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Jan 2007

         Stone, Sharon Dale, “A Change of Plans” reviewed by Lin Wisman, Sept 2007



          Climbing Stroke Crisis Mountain: Mentoring at StrokeNet, Jean Riva, August 2006

          Dealing with Caregiver Stress, Kathy Bosworth, Oct 2004

          Melancholy Moments: A Caregiver’s Perspective, Jean Riva, April 2006


          View From a Caregiver: When to Help, Nancy Fiduk, January 2008

   when to help.htm

         What is a Caregiver?, Kathy Bosworth, Sept 2004

Where Did Everybody Go?, Kathy Bosworth, Jan 2005



Communicating with our Caregivers, by Polly Perez, Jul 2001

I Wanted to Speak Again, by Steve Mallory, June 2002

On-screen Keyboard

What Do You Tell People about Stroke?, .Jean Riva, Oct 2005



          Grief Counselor Interview with Sherry Russel, Kathy Bosworth, Mar 2005

The Loss of a Dream, by  Kathy Bosworth


G Tube Care

Jan 2003



          Who Said a Paralyzed Guy Can’t go Hunting?, By Jean Riva, Nov 2004        


Housing and Relocating

          Moving Cross Country, by Kathy Saul, May 2008

Our Wheelchair Accessible House, by Jean Riva, July 2004



A Challenge to Mentor, Mar 2004

Mentor Interview with Susan Cotter Marshall, Apr 2004

Mentoring,  by Polly Perez, Mar 2002


Ordering your Affairs

Getting Your Affairs in Order, Communication, June 2004, Kathy Bosworth

Getting Your Affairs in Order, Documents, July 2004, Kathy Bosworth

Legal Documents by Lin Wisman, Feb 2003

Preparing for the Future, by Kathy Saul, July 2008


Pediatric Stroke

Sharon-dale Stone, Oct 1004



Pet-Care Options for Stroke Survivors, Dez Crawford, Dec 2003

Pets for Stroke Survivors, Lin Wisman, Nov 2003

Visiting Pets At Hospitals And Rehab Centers, Dez Crawford, Jan 2004


Pharmaceutical Reviews:

          Anticoagulant And Antiplatelet Agents Used In Strokes, Joe Flasher

          Bladder Control and Nerve Damage After Stroke, Joe Flasher, Oct 2003

          Dementia After a Stroke, Joe Flasher, Aug 2003

          High Blood Pressure and Your Stroke, Joe Flasher, Sept 2003

          Managing Chronic Pain, Joe Flasher, Jan 2004

          Mild To Moderate Pain With Some Aspects In Stroke, Joe Flasher, Dec 2003

          Peripheral Arterial Disease and Stroke, Joe Flasher, Feb 2004


          Statin Drugs, Joe Flasher, Jul 2003



Abike, Michael Roberts, Feb 2002

Automove, Chuck Reisling, Jan 2002

Bungalow Software, by Polly Perez, May 2002

The Fork, Joe Flasher, Feb 2004

Head pointer and On-screen keyboard, Steve Mallory, Dec 2002

Helping Hand, by Father Chris Hanes, April 2002

THe Lokomat, Chuck Hofvander, Oct 2007

Merci Retriever, Kathy Bosworth, Mar 2005

Neuromove, Penny Wohlford, 2003


Recovery Reflections

        Accepting Stroke: A View From A Survivor, by Maria Erichsen, June 2008

Balance: A View From A Survivor, Lin Wisman, May 2005

        Balance: Dizziness from Vestibular Disequilibrium, Debbie Batjer, July 2007         

        Stroke – Looking for a Cure, Lin Wisman, July 2006 

        Stroke Camp, Chuck Hofvander, July 2007

    Depressed?, Marty Arlen, Dec 2005

        Fuel for the Journey: Expressing and Experiencing Emotions, Lin Mouat, Sept 2007

Rediscovering Faith, Chuck Hofvander, August 2007

Fibromuscular Dysplasia, Jean Guggenheimer, Nov 2007

Getting Out, Marty Arlen    

        Fuel for the Journey: Leaving Hope Alive, Lin Mouat, July 2007

The Invisible Stroke Survivor, Lin Wisman, Nov 2005

        Fuel for the Journey: Knowing When to Let Go, Lin Mouat, August 2007

        Speech as Speech Therapy, by Ken Mason, June 2008

        Stroke Changes Lives, Interview with Dr. Richard Hartke, Chuck Hofvander, Sept 2007

Playing to Recover by Michael Roberts, May 2003

Fuel for the Journey, Sexuality and Stroke, Lin Mouat, Oct 2007

Learning to Swallow Again, by Debbie Batjer, June 2007

People to Admire by Marty Arlen, Nov 2005

Fuel for the Journey: Resources for Comfort and Information, Lin Mouet, July 2008

View from a Survivor: Perfection and Stroke, Christopher Tobin, July 2006 aid.htm

Is Stroke a Preventable Disease? Essay, Rhonda Peterson, May 2002

Stroke Reflections, by Mike Tallinger, Jan 2003

The Second Time Around, by Chuck Hofvander, June 2007

Fuel for the Journey: Surviving the Holidays, Lin Mouet, Dec 2007

        Fuel for the Journey: Living with Unseen Disabilities, By Lin Mouet, May 2008

        Online Vision Test, Oct 2003


Member Stories

        Jan Johnson, July 2008

        Jennifer Mason, June 2008

        Deb Theriault, May 2008


Stroke Network Websites

           Where to Begin, July 2007


           Message Board, August 2007


           Information Resource, Sept 2007


           Stroke Awareness, Oct 2007




        Acupuncture and Stroke, by Chris DeWald, May 2008

Antioxidant Therapy, by Dr Ted Cole, Jul 2003

Botox Treatments, by Michael Roberts, Sept 2002

Brain Gym, by Chris DeWald, July 2008

Computer Games, by Chris DeWald, April 2008

Hippotherapy, by Tom Thomas

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Stroke, by Dr Ted Cole, May 2003

        Stem Cell Therapy Lecture Report, by Lin Wisman, June 2006

        Tai Chi, QiGong and Stroke, by Chris DeWald, June 2008

        Thyroplasty Surgery, Debbie Batjer, August 2007 surgery.htm


Water Aerobics

          Adaptive Aquatics Class, Therapy Review, Michael Roberts,June 2002

View From a Survivor: Water Therapy Style, Marty Arlen, Aug 2005

Water Aerobics, Lin Wisman May 2002


Website Reviews:

Aphasia, general info sites, Janice Rodriguez, June 2004

Aphasia, rehabilitation sites, Janice Rodriguez, July 2004

Brain Aneurysm Foundation,

Barbara Layne, Sept 2002

The Brain Coalition,

Barbara Layne, Nov 2002

Consumer Reports Drug Site Debut, Jan 2005

Coping spiritually, mentally or emotionally with a stroke sites,

Janice Rodriguez, Mar 2004

Different Strokes,

Barbara Layne, May 2002

Doctor’s Guide,

Barbara Layne, March 2002

Barbara Layne, April 2002:

Hobbies for Stroke Survivors, Janice Rodriguez, Sept 2004


Barbara Layne, July 2002

Mayo Clinic,

Barbara Layne, Oct 2002

Music Therapy Websites, Janice Rodiguez, Feb 2004

Neurology Channel,

Barbara Layne, Dec 2002

PFO Sites, Janice Rodriguez, Jan 2004

Seizures and Epilepsy Sites, Janice Rodriguez, Apr 2004

Stroke Advocacy Sites, Janice Rodriguez, May 2004

Stroke Information Sites, Janice Rodriguez, Aug 2004

Stroke Information Sites, Janice Rodriguez, Oct 2004

Stroke Survivors, Janice Rodriquez, Nov 2004

University of Pennsylvania Health System,

Barbara Layne, Jan 2002

Virtual Hospital site of the University of Iowa Hospitals,

Barbara Layne, Mar 2003


Writings by Stroke Network Members:

Augustine, Lea, If I Had Not Had a Stroke, June 2005

Benson, Carolyn, The Butterfly Conservatory, Feb 2005

Benson, Carolyn, Thanksgiving in Meeting Room 1B, Apr 2005

Charton, Steve, Growing Old Gracefully, Mar 2006

          Charton, Steve, If A Man Can Walk, Then A Man Can Dance, Feb 2005

Craft, Ronda, Woman That I Am, Feb 2005

Harland, Bruce, A Mind Of Its Own, June 2002

Hiatt, Jeanie, Nov 2003

     Hofvander, Chuck, My Aphasia, Mar 2007

Hutton, Cleo, Ode to Stroke Caregivers: Zeek and Fay on Valentine’s Day, Feb 2005

Klugman, Stephanie, A Different Kind of Hero

MacDonald-Beauchamp, Debra, Why Me?, Aug 2005

Owens, Ken, Granny’s Visit, Feb 2005

Riva, Jean, Only Words, Feb 2005

Riva, Jean, Riding the Winds, Feb 2005

Russo, Judith Ann, Henry Russo Eulogy, Feb 2005

Schramm Reinhard, Collected Stroke Jokes, Feb 2005

Sharpham, Irene, My Brain Is Racing By Leaps and Bounds, Sep 2003

Skinner, Helen, Skinny Skinner, Feb 2005

Simpson, Mary Simpson, Climb the Mountains, Feb 2005

Simpson, Mary, Who is a Healer, Feb 2005

Solomon, Jeannette, Tangles Book II Foreword, June 2007 

Tobin, Christopher, Inside the Outback, Feb 2005

Warner, Twila, Don’t Jump on the Bed, Feb 2005



   Stroke Survivor and Chef, Dennis Jeffries, March 2008



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