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The Stroke Recovery Book

A Guide for Patients and Families

By Kip Burkman


Reviewed by Gary Gray

"The Stroke Recovery Book, A Guide for Patients and Families" by Kip Burkman M.D. is a very straightforward and simple book to read. It is about 160 pages long and can be easily read in the space of an evening or two. It is published by Addicus Books ( and is listed in the Stroke Network Bookshop (


If someone you love has a stroke you are probably frightened and you're filled with questions. What can be expected in recovery? How much rehabilitation will be needed?


The author, Kip Burkman, is a rehabilitation physician who has worked with thousands of stroke patients and their families. He understands what a stroke survivor and their family goes through when a stroke occurs. He offers answers to many of the questions with which the survivor and the family need to come to grips.


Among the topics that Dr. Burkman covers are:


How does a stroke occur (What happens in the brain?)

What are the major types of strokes and what are their effects?

Cognitive changes in personality, emotions, intellect and behavior.

Impairments, that may occur in speech and language.

Limb weakened after a stroke.

Pain and loss of feeling in limbs.

Swallowing problems.

Recovery and rehabilitation, what to expect.

Stroke prevention -- reducing the risk of stroke.


This is a quick reference book that will help you cope with the effects of stroke.


There are a number of resource references including web site addresses.


A nice Glossary, covering most of the terms that are used in the world of stroke, is included.


This book is a keeper. I had ordered it through my local library. I am now planning to find a copy that I can purchase for my personal library.


Order the book.


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